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Lyrics by
Janie Worm

From the CD Higher Ground

How can I say goodbye when I’m not interested in letting go?
How can I move on when there’s no other place I want to know?
In your arms the whole world seems at bay as you gently rock every single care away.

How can I look ahead when I still like what I see before me?
How can I be so strong when all I do these days is grieve?
In your eyes I see sparks and flakes of snow, and they rain down warm on my Soul.

How can I…?

How can I heal this heart when the pain it runs so deep inside me?
How can I make a new start when I can’t even find my own feet?

Say you’ll hold my hand when the world starts closing in, and you and I begin to walk on alone.

How can I…?

How can I step away when there’s still so much you feed in me?
How can I walk alone when I do like the company I keep?
In your hands my whole body melts like clay as we shape and turn and carve out another day.

How can I…?
How can I…?
How can I say goodbye?

From Higher Ground, released 2003.

Credits from the recording:

Janie Worm – music, lyrics, guitar & vocals
Caryn Kupferman – harmony vocals
Robert Walker – cajon, bells, bongos, shaker & triangle
Gary Mula – bass & lead guitar

Insider Notes

​Sometimes there’s a point in life transitions where I have one foot in the old and one in the new, and I wonder if I will be able to make the change fully. With passion, Robert Walker plays many percussion instruments from cajon, bongos, and shaker to bells and triangle. With smooth harmonies by Caryn K, and bass lines by Gary Mula, this song has a lot of depth and movement.
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