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This music is a celebration of life. A touching depth and rich range of experience are expressed on a broad palate of sound, ranging from nature sounds, acoustic guitar & ethnic drums, to sweet flutes & violin.

  • Dance Me Home - Janie Worm
  • Stronger Desire For Love - Janie Worm
  • The Bayou - Janie Worm
  • If Love Can Find Me - Janie Worm
  • Lookin' For a Sign - Janie Worm
  • Can I Say Goodbye? - Janie Worm
  • Lament - Janie Worm
  • Remember Who You Are - Janie Worm
  • Higher Ground - Janie Worm
  • Circle of Stars - Janie Worm
  • Teach Me How to Love (original) - Janie Worm
  • Where Are You, Mama? - Janie Worm
  • Forever & a Day - Janie Worm
  • Spirit Dance - Janie Worm
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A Note of Thanks

A special thanks to my mentor and teacher for the infinite love and guidance. Thanks to Spirit for the gift and honor of these songs. Thanks to my dear family and friends for constant love and support, and for coloring my world. To the talented musician friends that play music with me, thanks for all the joy and love. My heart is full. To all who were part of this CD project in any way, thanks for your generosity. Thank you for listening and for your support. I hope these songs will touch something in the heart of you.

May the blessings be.

Words & music written by Janie Worm © 2003. All songs co-produced by Janie Worm & Gary Mula. Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Gary Mula in Seattle, WA.

Cover photo courtesy of Bob Johnson at Earth Bound Light. Cover design by Janie Worm, © Janie Worm, 2003. All right reserved.

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Insider Notes

The Higher Ground CD was recorded at the same time as the Closer to Home CD, yet they sound distinctly different. These songs are slightly more recent, and while there are crossover instruments like harmonica, accordion and ethnic drums, the added flavors of flute, violin and nature sounds give this body of music a character all its own.

There are slow, thoughtful tunes as well as upbeat numbers, and a lot of variety true to my personal nature. Many melodies written after focusing on key concepts, experiences and themes have been shared at seminars that empower and inspire others. One song features water glasses as an instrument, and if you look at these songs in the Lyrics section of the blog, you just might find it. Check the song credits.

As always, making music is an incredible joy, and co-creating with others amplifies the fun that much more! I hope the love and joy come sailing through, as well as other unexpected gems in the infinite quest for higher ground.

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