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Janie Worm

From the CD The Journey

Gray clouds, your eyes sailed into the day and on through the night. With a vision fixed and clear, you charted your course, your destiny here. I wonder by now if your gray skies have turned to blue. Amelia, where are you? Over oceans and seas of dreams you carried your heart coming apart at the seams, for a freedom that somehow you knew, you could hold in your hands the higher you flew. I wonder now if your soul is soaring alive and free. Amelia, can you hear me? Light on the water soothes your face. It reminds you of a place you’ve been before. Long arms, your wings glided into new worlds few people had seen. With a quiet strength you pursued. You knew it was balance that maintained altitude. I wonder if the light and the darkness are balanced in you. Amelia, please tell me…. … all your words left unsaid… and so many dreams unfulfilled. Tell me what was in your head, Amelia, on your final flight, the day your life stood still….
From The Journey, released 1996. Credits from the recording: Janie Worm – guitar, vocals, shaker & keyboard

Insider Notes

Years ago I wanted to write about a strong woman, and Amelia Earhart came to mind immediately. Fairly quickly a song came, but something about it didn’t feel right. I knew I needed to dig deeper, so I put it aside for a year or more. In that time, I did some research and watched documentaries, to better know this iconic figure. When the time was ripe, the original song rewrote itself except for the final few lines. In my heart, I knew it was a more authentic piece. Even still, this tune feels timeless, as is hinted by the airplane you hear leading into and out of the melody. To me it reflects the adventurous, courageous Spirit that lives on infinitely. Thank you, Amelia!
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