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Lyrics by
Janie Worm

From the CD Set Me Free

Is this a gift of God I wonder, it all just seems so hard.
Is this a gift of God I wonder, or did I push too far?
I’m an honest & hard worker, and I do all I can do.
And at the end of the day regardless, I always give my heart to you.

Is this a gift of God I wonder, it seems there’s so much pain.
Is this a gift of God I wonder, ‘cause I just can’t explain…
why things happen how they happen, though I do the best I can.
And at the end of the day I notice, my heart is filled with love again.


Is this a gift of God I wonder? Is this really right?
Is this a gift of God I wonder? Please help me see the light.
I am walking with compassion and offering an open hand.
And at the end of the day I’m hoping, that I soon will understand.

Living… Loving… Understanding… Learning… Accepting…all these are gifts.

From Set Me Free, released 2017.

Credits from the recording:

Janie Worm – guitar, vocals, tambourine, harmonica, snaps
Gary Mula – bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals, snaps
Mike Jensen – drums

Insider Notes

A friend of mine asked me to play music at a service/ discussion titled, “Is This A Gift From God?”. Most often when a request comes, I take it into my contemplation and ask if I should play a song that already exists or if a new song would better meet the needs of whoever will be at the event. I try to remain open and see what happens. In this particular case, a new song came rather quickly. I love when that happens! It’s a real treat to be the receiver of these new creations.  =]

When the melody first came, I called it my Johnny Cash song because for some reason it reminded me of his style of music. But when I got into the studio and more layers were added, giving it a vintage rock-n-roll sound, it also become my Elvis song. =] In any case, this song has a lot of movement and is super fun! I’m grateful for the talented musicians who played on it with me. Gary Mula and his brother Mike Jensen were seamless in the rhythm section. Gary also played lead guitar. Enjoy!!

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