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Janie Worm

From the CD Closer to Home

It was the greatest gift of all, at least the greatest one for me. I was 12 years old. She fulfilled all my dreams. CH: With that new guitar, I knew I’d go far into myself, into my dreams , into life. Many hours we spent hardly out of sight. Curved body, thin neck, we played into the night. CH The years, they spun by. We still walked hand in hand ….played in the church, on the street, even played with a band. CH Aria is her name, and still my best friend. She’s seen many beginnings with me; carried me through many ends. CH She hears the song of my heart and sweetly draws it out. She has a way of speaking the truth, be it gentle or loud. CH That new guitar, is far from new anymore, but she’s brought me myself, brought me my dreams, brought me life.
From Closer To Home, released 2003. Credits from the recording: Janie Worm – guitar & vocals Gary Mula – bass & lead guitar

Insider Notes

When I was 11 years old, I remember saying to my mom, “We probably can’t afford it, but I would really love a guitar for Christmas.” Lo and behold, I got my wish. Mom found a $20 guitar at Walmart and said that if I proved to be serious about playing, she would get a better quality guitar later. I played that little guitar day and night, carried it with me everywhere, and even made up my own finger agility exercises that I did before going off to school everyday. The next year, my mom bought an Aria guitar for $178. That was a lot of money back then! When I got that, I was in love! I polished Aria all the time and treated her like a queen. She truly brought me myself and still sounds beautiful when I play her today. Seasoned with so much love and appreciation, the resonant maple wood body warms every strum I play. Thank you, Aria!
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