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Lyrics by
Janie Worm

From the CD Set Me Free

I love you more than words; a feeling deeper than a glance conveys.
It’s more than want and needing. It’s more than give and receiving.
Love just can’t be explained.

Our love is like a star. It’s burning steady in the night and day.
Around the world we orbit. I’m grateful each day for it
… and love just can’t be explained.


Love moves like a song. It warms and fills the heart. It lights the way…
to many doors yet open; my dreams, my truth, my hope
and love… just can’t be explained.

I love you more than words…..

From Set Me Free, released 2017.

Credits from the recording:

Janie Worm – guitar, vocals, Oxford dictionary, forks
Gary Mula – bass guitar, drums
Gwen Howland – violin

Insider Notes

“More Than Words” is a contemporary love song written for my sweetie. I continue to attempt to capture the depth of heartfelt love, appreciation and gratitude I feel… although I wonder how close I ever come, knowing that there’s always another layer beyond my reach.

With tongue in cheek, I included a rhythm played with the Oxford dictionary to the percussion section of this tune. It felt like an appropriate use of the dictionary, considering the song title. =]

Another fun addition is playing a set of forks. I brought spoons to the studio, with the intention of including them on at least one song.  I had trouble locating the spoons when it was their cue, but I happened to have a pair of forks so that Gary and I could nosh on some food that I brought for our time working together. This ended up being perfect in every way! The forks create a very cool, airy sound, which has a beautiful effect. Also, I thought of how my partner and I clink our forks together before each meal, pausing to listen to the melodic music echoing on. Then, we take a minute to appreciate the moment and each other… with love and gratitude. It’s a sweet gesture that always brings me home to the heart.

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