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Let's come together for ONE love!

This all-inclusive song celebrates and appreciates people from all walks of life during the holiday season! 

“As I scraped moss off the roof in June 2018, I asked the universe if it was in the highest good of all life to write a universal holiday song. How wonderful it would be to recognize ALL life, paths, cultures, etc. during the heart-opening, holiday season. Then, I released my request and trusted something would come if meant to be.

Immediately, a fun rhythm and inclusive lyrics flooded in. It was celebrative, untraditional and loving. I musically describe “Good Cheer” as “dixie land meets reggae.”  Before I speak more about the song, I’ll share an experience that happened a few months later which perfectly demonstrates what the song is about.

One Saturday morning I sat down to do something when the doorbell rang. “Do I want to answer that?” My inner voice said, “Yes, let’s get it.” I reasoned it would only take a few minutes.

The woman at the door urgently said that her bird was in my tree. In the backyard I saw a colorful parrot atop a pine. “Dahlia”, is what I will call this neighbor, who looked cold from running out of her house in a hurry, so I handed her a jacket. She then went into the yard behind us to get closer to Mango, the bird.

After hours of shaking bird seed and neighbors on all sides calling to Mango, we took a lunch break. During that time, as I cleaned up flowerbeds for winter, I inwardly spoke to the sweet bird. “Mango, you are Soul and you are free! You have the freedom to experience a NW winter, or the freedom to continue to experience the depth of love you have with the family that cares for you. It’s your free will to choose.”

I also asked my guides to show me how to help. The bird had been in the same position for over four hours. Being a tropical bird, I was sure she must be getting chilly.

When everyone returned, I climbed the tree. With my hand six inches away from Mango, she flew what looked like blocks away. We all sighed. My heart sank.

I went inside for a drink of water and thanked Spirit for the opportunity to be part of this event. My hope was that all was well no matter how this turned out.

Moments later, the doorbell rang again. Dahlia stood on the porch with Mango nestled into her chest. She and I both had tears of disbelief as we hugged. Dahlia said the bird took a victory lap and then landed near her, hopping onto her finger.

After the fact, I learned that Dahlia knew few people in the neighborhood, moving here only months prior. Mango had introduced her to many neighbors, and Dahlia has since become my good friend.

Good Cheer” opens with, “Oh neighbor, hey there, it’s that time of year to celebrate our differences, see our humanness more clear.” It goes on to speak about celebrating each other and helping out whenever and however we can. Mango facilitated that in my neighborhood.

With the global pandemic and the consciousness of humanity expanding daily, we see how small the world is.  Though this song was written almost two years ago, it is perfect timing to release it now.

We are ALL in this together. We know that diversity makes us strong! Nature demonstrates that in eco-systems large and small.

I am grateful to all who participated in recording this song. It was a joy working with each person listed here!

The additional voices are: Caroline Carter, Maeve Lotus, Lisa Lotus, Sheila Tallmon, Gary Mula, Micaela Jensen & Frank Martorelli. Carey Rayburn plays trumpet. Rex Gregory – saxophone. Kelly Van Camp – drums. Gary Mula – bass guitar. Janie Worm – guitar, ukelele, vocals, sleigh bells, whistle & wind chimes.

Happy holidays to each of you, and to all life… plant, mineral, animal.  I am so glad you are here and celebrate you! Your light is needed in this world!

Good Cheer, everyone!! I hope you enjoy this holiday melody! 



PS – Click on “Good Cheer” and it will direct you to my main page, scroll down and listen. =]

Mango, the neighbor uniter.

Photograph by Sheila Tallmon.

“Like one vast forest, we stand diverse and strong. We need each other one and all. Let’s come together for one love.

—Janie Worm

Insider’s Note

We began recording “Good Cheer” in the summer of 2019, though a few hurdles kept pushing out the completion date. Life is happening for everyone, after all. In September 2020, over a year later, Gary Mula created the final mix and Steve Turnidge mastered it. Now I see that this is perfect timing. Enjoy! =]

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