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Janie Worm

From the CD Closer to Home

You never promised a lover for me, but I’ve been waiting far too long.
Another day and I’ll go insane. Tell me what am I doing wrong.
One more day,they’re gonna name me a saint. Oh, I didn’t want to master being alone.
I got my certificate and that’s just great, yeah. But I don’t want this going on and on.

You know I try to practice patience. I even say my prayers at night;
wish on the first star every evening. Am I doing anything right?
My lucky rabbit’s foot ain’t working either. Is there anybody out there who can show me the light?
I’m all alone and I want my baby; someone to keep me warm at night.

Well, I see so many changes in me. I am stronger.

I’ll keep walking this road to somewhere, and hope you’ll join me one sweet day;
Keep searching for that four-leaf clover, and hope the wind will blow you my way.
Until then, I have a place in my heart just ready and waiting for you to call home.
I got so much love for you, my baby, this river flows on and on and on.

Well, I see so many changes in me. I am stronger.
And, I see so many changes. I don’t need to wait any longer.

From Closer To Home, released 2003.

Credits from the recording:

Janie Worm – guitar and vocals
Erica Dorfman – congas
Rae Borough – bass
Miho Takekawa – steel drums
Robert Walker – drums

Insider Notes

​With steel drum and a l​ively ​rhythm, I call this ​my Jimmy Buffet song. I think the lyrics say ​what a mean in a humorous way. M​iho Takekawa plays steel drums. ​Talented drummer, ​Robert Walker​,​ ​adds his excited yelps​ to the mix​. Rae Borough (bass) and Erica Dorfman (congas) complete the rhythm section in this fun number. Enjoy the island groove!

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