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Janie Worm
From the CD Closer to Home
At every corner, I look and you’re not there, but I know where you are. Passing faces, no familiar stares, but I know where you are. CH: In my dreams, I see you every night. I see your face every time I close my eyes. In my heart I feel your burning smile and I’ll wait for you. In every sound, I listen for your name, but I know where you are. Many fragrances, but none are quite the same and I know where you are. (CH) Bridge: I know you’re not a fantasy, you’re as real as anything can ever be to me. And everyday, I yearn to hold your hand. I know where you are. A tender kiss, a word from a friend, and I know where you are. (CH)…I’ll wait for you, for the taste of your love.
From Closer To Home, released 2003. Credits from the recording: Janie Worm – guitar & vocals Caryn Kupferman – harmony vocals Erica Dorfman – doumbec Rae Borough – bass guitar Robert Walker – drums

Insider Notes

Erica Dorfman plays doumbec in this song, a sound that is distinct and clear as a moving force. With drums and bass, the rhythm section is prominent but softened by the open tuning of guitar, and the blending vocals of Caryn K and myself. I definitely have a spring in my step when singing this one.
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