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Janie Worm

From the CD The Journey

You were to me a springtime shower, shedding light on dormant leaves soon to flower. Now that my heart is in full bloom, you’re leaving. You showed me myself, unfolded golden wings that I had never felt. And no matter how high fly, I won’t stop, can’t stop your leaving. You close your eyes on the day like a sunset fading away into night. Shadows fall from your life. And when the morning light dawns you’ll be another step along; stars in your eyes, greet a brand new sunrise. You were to me a drink of water; quenched a thirst so deep in me I didn’t see the bottom. And this ocean of love in me won’t stop, can’t stop your leaving. ‘Cause you close your eyes on the day just like a sunset fading away into night. Seasons change your life. And in the blue light dawn you’ll be another step towards home; a star in the sky blazing to sunrise. You were to me….. special.
From The Journey, released 1996. Credits from the recording: Janie Worm – guitar, vocals, drums Gary Mula – lead guitar

Insider Notes

We have those who touch our lives, even briefly, and we are forever changed. Janene was a dear friend who introduced me to life possibilities outside the box I was currently living in. She left foot prints on my heart, and I will never forget her. Though she passed away a couple of years after we met, the course of my life was and continues to be far more loving and expansive than I imagined. I’m so grateful for those who on some level agree to be part of my journey in uplifting ways. I wrote this song for Janene before she passed, and she asked me to play it at her memorial service. She introduced me to Gary Mula, who is another dear friend and recording engineer that I have recorded all my CD’s with so far. He shares a touching lead guitar part on “Janene’s Song”. We both poured our love into this melody, our tribute to her love and life. Thanks, Janene. Thanks, Gary.
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