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Surrounded by Unconditional Love

This song is a reminder that love engulfs me through every life experience. The beautiful grand piano and single vocal are perfect to convey this simple and profound truth as the sound echoes through the expansive space of the Columbia City Theater.

Delicious Morsel #7
Love’s Embrace
February 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

I was going to save this title, “Love’s Embrace” for Valentine’s Day, but truthfully love’s embrace is something that I hope to feel and offer the world every day of the year. Here’s how this song came about.

Several years ago I was asked to play at a worship service in which the theme was, “The Gift of Change.” As I put my attention on topic, I became fixed on an image… a framed print of a little girl embraced by a loving man, his arms completely wrapped around, and kissing her on the head. Each time I looked at it, my heart flew wide open. Then I realized that in the face of change and anything else that could ever present, I am surrounded by unconditional love… but only as much as I can open my heart and eyes to; only as much as I can accept. When it feels like a stretch to authentically love what’s on my plate, then I attempt to give gratitude for how the situation at hand is helping me grow. (Gratitude opens my heart.)

The farming family I grew up in was perfect for me. I feel so lucky. With a strong Native American background, we were raised with a love, respect, reverence and what I would say, a feeling of guardianship towards the Earth and all of nature. We also attended Catholic school. Yet, when I asked my mom what life was all about, in her wisdom she said, “It is all about love.” That was, and still is, the truth that resonates deep in my heart.

So, when I’m having a hard time loving myself, or someone else because I don’t understand their actions, I strive to bring my awareness back to the truth, “It’s all about love.” The statement, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” epitomizes that truth to me. It doesn’t say to love only certain neighbors, races, religions, or orientations. It also nowhere mentions that I can only love myself if I’m perfect. I am so grateful to have the freedom to learn how to love myself and all of life more each day, with as much compassion and caring as possible.

This doesn’t mean that I lie down like a door mat to life. In loving myself I will stand up if my survival is threatened. But I can choose to look into the eyes and heart of anyone I meet and honor the highest potential of love waiting to bloom there. I can choose to give the benefit of the doubt knowing that we are all doing the best we can.

In the song, “Love’s Embrace,” Sheila Tallmon plays the most beautiful grand piano part. The melody rings with such depth that I tear up thinking about it. I’m so grateful to have her accompany me. You can hear the melody for yourself at my page on Band Camp.

Also, I received a notice from Band Camp saying that on Friday, February 3rd, they are donating 100% of their proceeds to the ACLU. I include their original announcement below with the explanation of their campaign.

Here are links to the other music I have on their website in case you want to support them and download any song for $1. I figure every little bit helps, and this is one way I can love my neighbor… all neighbors in this big, beautiful world of ours.

Thanks so much for your love and support.


Higher Ground (2003)

Closer to Home (2003)

The Journey (1996)



This Friday (Feb 3, 2017), for any purchase made on Bandcamp, we will donate 100% of our share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working to oppose last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States. Please read more about our position here, and help us spread the word.

*The Delicious Morsel series were posts shared with those who supported the Set Me Free CD recording project by pre-ordering music, requesting custom songs, and making donations towards my fundraising campaign on Indigogo. I am so appreciative of this group of stellar beings.

Canada goose and goslings.

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