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What is the Language of the Heart?

This contemporary love song features the Oxford dictionary and a set of forks as instruments to add a touch of humor, uniqueness and creativity. Read further to discover their meaning and significance in the song, “More Than Words.”

Delicious Morsel #4
More Than Words
January 5, 2017

“More Than Words” is a more contemporary song on the upcoming CD, written for my sweetie. I continue to attempt to capture the depth of heartfelt love, appreciation and gratitude I feel… although I wonder how close I ever come, knowing that there’s always another layer beyond my reach.

With tongue in cheek, I included a rhythm played with the Oxford dictionary to the percussion section of this tune. It felt like an appropriate use of the dictionary, considering the song title. =]

Another fun addition is playing a set of forks. I brought spoons to the studio, with the intention of including them on at least one song.  I had trouble locating the spoons when it was their cue, but I happened to have a pair of forks so that Gary and I could nosh on some food that I brought for our time together. This ended up being perfect in every way! The forks create a very cool, airy sound, which has a beautiful effect. Also, I thought of how my partner and I clink our forks together before each meal, pausing to listen to the melodic music echoing on. Then, we take a minute to appreciate the moment and each other… with love and gratitude. It’s a sweet gesture that always brings me home to the heart.

Gwen Howland plays a lovely violin track on this song, filled with depth and feeling. This lifts the song to another level, and supports the lyrical finger picking of the guitars. Gwen’s violin opens my heart every time.

Gary Mula skillfully added bass and drums, which keeps the song anchored yet flowing along with direction and meaning. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to musical style and flavor, and he takes time to thoughtfully help manifest the vision.

When you receive your CD, listen closely for these layers of instruments and see if you can identify each one. It might be a cool musical puzzle for you.

We are almost done mixing the music and the songs sound amazing! Following the mixing is the mastering, and then the CD duplication. As soon as I have CD’s in hand, I will let you know.

Thanks so much for your patience and love.

!!Happy New Year!!


Photo by Wokandapix on Pixabay.

*The Delicious Morsel series were posts shared with those who supported the Set Me Free CD recording project by pre-ordering music, requesting custom songs, and making donations towards my fundraising campaign on Indigogo. I am so appreciative of this group of stellar beings.

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