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Is This a Gift?

The Delicious Morsel posts were shared with those who supported the Set Me Free CD recording project in 2016-17. This particular entry features the song, “A Gift”, which came when focusing on the theme of a spiritual discussion titled, “Is this a gift of God?”

Delicious Morsel #15
A Gift
May 5, 2017

Hopefully, most of you who were part of my CD fundraising campaign have now either received a physical disc or a digital download of the Set Me Free CD. Yay! I’m so happy to finally share the finished product! If for some reason you haven’t received the music, please let me know. Contact me:

One song on the CD that I have yet to talk about is called, “A Gift”. It came about when a friend asked me to play at a worship service/ spiritual discussion that was themed, “Is This a Gift from God?”  With my attention on the topic, this song came forward.

When describing the style to Gary, I called it my Johnny Cash song. But after the recording project began and we were layering it with old time rock-n-roll flavors, Gary started calling it my Elvis song.  Ha, ha….  I guess we can aim high.  Whatever we call it, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Some layers include Gary on bass and lead guitar. He is so versatile and does an amazing job on both! His brother, Mike, plays a solid drum track that moves the song along in a wonderful steady groove. I’m playing rhythm guitar, harmonica, tambourine and singing. Gary and I are doing the background vocals. He sings, “Heaven help me”, which I think is a fun line considering the question of the song. He also came up with and sings the “ooh-ahs”. I just love them and the character they add to the tune!  Old time rock-n-roll is as much fun now as it was back then!

Other exciting news to share is that my music website, is now live… up and running!  Woohoo! I just LOVE it!! Feel free to check it out!

Jules Webb did such an amazing job designing this site! She was able to convey my essence on the page, which speaks to her gift as both an attentive listener, and her talent as a web designer. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to build a custom website.

Having a website now means that my music, and everything connected with it, will be available all in one place! You can hear and purchase music there, as well as read more about my background. Just around the corner, song lyrics, the inspiration behind the music, and the recording process (the delicious morsels) will be available on my blog. That means that the morsels will continue, but in a new look and format. A blog also means that others can join the conversation, which I’m really happy about! We can be inspired by one another!

The blog categories are: Lyrics, Behind the Scenes, Events, CD’s, Guest Spotlight and Studio Talk. My next update will describe these a little more.

To be part of the conversation and to learn about upcoming events, please sign up for my online newsletter here. It will be a short note directing you to more information in the blog.

Thanks soooo…. much for all the well wishes and support through this CD Project! From where I stand now, I see all the miracles that took place at every juncture. It makes me think that when they say, “leap and the net will appear”… that maybe the net is the network of loving Souls that have my back throughout the journey. I am so moved and grateful. =]Thanks for being in touch.  (Please sign up for my online newsletter.)


*The Delicious Morsel series were posts shared with those who supported the Set Me Free CD recording project by pre-ordering music, requesting custom songs, and making donations towards my fundraising campaign on Indigogo. I am so appreciative of this group of stellar beings.

Top photo:  Hand – Gift -Bouquet

Bottom photo:  Janie and guitar singing with the stars.


Top photo:  By Klimkin on Pixabay

Bottom photo:  Original photo by Sheila Tallmon. Additional photo design by Jules Webb.

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