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Wake Up! The CD's are Ready!

In the style of 1980’s rock, “Wake Up” speaks about expanding awareness and craving answers. The rhythm propels the listener forward in cheerful stride, while the chorus is a pleasant ear worm – one that I am happy to repeat. “Wake Up” is perfect for this blog post because the CD’s are now ready, “Woohoo!” and it’s time for the next phase.

Delicious Morsel #14
Wake Up
April 12, 2017

After a much needed vacation I offer another morsel titled, “Wake Up”. This is yet another song on the CD.

Before recording any music, Gary asked me to describe each song with a few words so that he had an idea of the style and flavor I envisioned. This one I call my tribute to 1980’s Rock. Although quite mild for “rock”, this upbeat tune makes me smile. Written 3-4 years ago, it is brought to life with guitar, electric guitar lead, drums and keyboards. The chorus says,

“I want to wake up! I want to wake up in time to find the answers.
I want to wake up! I want to wake up to my heart, Soul and mind.
I want to make the most of every moment, and everything I do.
And as I wake up to myself, I wake up to you.”

Shortly after returning home from my travels, the newly pressed CDs arrived! I am happy to say that they sound amazing and are ready to be mailed out to you! Woohoo! Can you believe it?!

For those who ordered downloads, I will be emailing instruction on how to get your copy of the music from my page on Band Camp. Stay tuned for that.

And for those of you who donated without requesting anything at all, please let me know if I can send you a CD, offer you a download of the CD, or how I can thank you. I’m so grateful for your support!

I’m also excited to let you know that Julie Webb and I (mostly Julie) are in the process of creating a website! There you can learn more about me and my music, see some photos, sign up for my newsletter, and listen to songs. Soon to follow will be a page with song lyrics and also a blog, which will allow the morsels to continue in a format that may allow more interaction. I will send you an email when the initial website is ready, or you can just check back now and then to see if it’s “live”. The address is:

This CD Project has definitely been a growthful experience, and I’m so grateful for the result of all our efforts. Thank you for being part of the process. Interacting with you along the way helped me stay grounded, focused and inspired. I appreciate each and every one of you, whether a quiet supporter, or a verbal cheerleader. You all made a difference.

Thank you so much! Talk to you real soon.


Photo by Pexels on Unsplash.

*The Delicious Morsel series were posts shared with those who supported the Set Me Free CD recording project by pre-ordering music, requesting custom songs, and making donations towards my fundraising campaign on Indigogo. I am so appreciative of this group of stellar beings.

Insider Notes

Gary Mula (bass & lead gtr) and his brother, Mike Jansen (drums), laid down tracks almost effortlessly in this song, “Wake Up”. Gary said that it was reminiscent of how they jammed together in their youth. This was a reunion of sorts, and it all came together seamlessly! I loved watching and listening to them! I also had fun playing keyboard, which was a change from playing guitar.

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