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Your Life Matters

I asked the universe if it had anything to say in these days of covid-19, and immediately this love song for you arrived.

Yesterday, I asked my guides and the universe if there was anything wanting to be expressed regarding this pandemic. When a song came right away, I knew that my task was to share it in the present moment as much as possible.

The words came with so much heartfelt love, that it moved me to tears. I call it, “Ode to You.”

One day, I hope I can fully express all that ushers through when these melodic messages come. I, of course, have my self-conscious human side that I convince to rest long enough for me to be a neutral instrument of love. Maybe you can relate.

In any case, knowing that this came for you… right now… I quickly made an audio recording and a video. The next thing I did is submit it for the 2020 NPR Tiny Desk Contest, hoping it may reach more people. That requires a video, which I include below.

The feelings and images flooding through my heart when the song arrived were conveying that each one of us is special and carefully made with deep love and intention. Whether we recognize it or not, we are loved and adored on all levels and have constant help if we will only ask.

The talents that each of you share with the world are beautiful, perfect and needed, now and always. Every ounce of love that we are, matters! Now is the time for us to know that with our whole Being.

To make a point, it’s not the self-conscious aspect of self that guides me. It’s a higher self that knows that if Spirit wants to say something through me, then I ask, “When and how?” If the other aspect ruled, my life would look very different.

Please share who you are with the world!

If we have the courage to face fear and step forward in any small way, we might get a glimmer of our true heart.

What do we have to lose?

Maybe our ego, which would have us color inside the lines and think inside the box, never questioning if it’s the right thing to do. The true self knows, however, that our true colors and unique talents are what add real strength to the big picture.

You be you! You matter!

Till next time, take good care.



Soul is like a painting God painted. Each painting is beautifully unique, and God is invested equally in all of us.

—Harold Klemp, The Road to Spiritual Freedom, p.263

Insider’s Box

This video took several hours and three phones to capture it. After two takes, I remembered that the mic in my outdated phone refuses to record audio for videos. So I tried my partner’s phone. I got one take before running out of space. Then, I tried the work phone, which recorded the sound in waves. So, I went with the first take from my partner’s phone.

Technology, so wonderful and yet so mysterious.

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