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Follow Janie's Music on Spotify

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that was officially launched in October 2008. Basic services are FREE to all.

Hey everyone,

Listen to Set Me Free on Spotify for FREE!

Add us to your playlists! “Like us!” And please “follow us” there!

If just 25 people tune in to Janie Worm’s music ​(from any cd) ​on Spotify, then I can create playlists. My hope is to create playlists of “inspiring music”, but I need your help to make that happen.

Thanks for your love and support!

And thanks for following my music on Spotify!

You can now get to Spotify from my website. Look for the Spotify symbol at the bottom of ​my main ​web ​page.

Image result for clip art spotify symbol

Let me know how it goes. I look forward to your comments. =]

Keep on singing!

*Featured image photo by InspiredImages.

Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

—Friedrich Nietzche

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